Karltons Education Consultants was established in 2016, as part of Karltons Property and Land Consultants. Karltons is a member of the China-Britain Business Council and is supported by the government’s UK trade & investments ministry.

Karltons is located in Guildford, Surrey, England which is just outside London.  Guildford is a town with hundreds of years of history, it has a historical shopping area and is also one of the safest places in the UK.  Guildford is only an hour’s drive to the center of London (about 30 minutes by train which is every 15 minutes) and only half an hour to Heathrow Airport. Its convenient transport links and excellent schools, including Guildford High School, Tormead, Rydes Hill Preparatory, Lanesborough School and George Abbot school to name a few, has resulted in Guildford becoming one of the preferred areas for the London middle class to live and buy property.

Karltons Education Consultants can assist in a variety of education needs ranging those looking to make substantial investments into a UK education business to training and leadership development courses for companies. We also provide educational travel services for both pupils and parents. This can include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, where we have access to extensive scientific research capabilities, English language and Western culture.

We can also provide support services to Chinese students in the UK such as airport pick up, guardian services, housing rental and purchase assistance.

In addition we also provide professional training and consulting services to corporate clients including those looking to enter the UK or Chinese markets.

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Karltons教育咨询公司于2016年在英国成立,下属于英国Karltons地产中介公司。Karltons即将成为英中贸协会(China-Britain Business Council) 会员,并受英国政府组织英国贸易与投资机构(UK trade & investments)专员支持。

Karltons坐落于英国萨里郡(Surrey)的吉尔福德(Guildford)。吉尔福德是拥有数百年历史的古镇,是英国著名的富人区,也是全英最安全的地方之一。吉尔福德到伦敦市中心仅一小时车程(火车约30分钟,每15分钟一班),到希思罗机场仅半小时。因此以其便利的交通吉尔福德成为伦敦中产阶级购买别墅的首选地区之一。吉尔福德有萨里大学以及多所著名的私校以及Ofsted rated outstanding (英国教育标准局所评最高等级)公立学校, 包括Royal Grammar School, Guildford(1509年成立),Guildford High School, Tormead School, Rydes Hill School, Lanesborough School, George Abbot school等等。